Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Old Review of the New Tyranids Codex

I hope I don't have to explain :P

Old Review of the New Dark Eldar Codex

As before, salt liberally...

So, as always, I've decided to do a preliminary review of the newest 40K book! In this case it's Dark Eldar, and boy is it a nice one. I'll try and touch upon every unit contained within but there are clearly some I like more than others. I have to say that I am a big fan of the direction this book has taken, because the HQs (and not just the special characters) have a profound effect on how the rest of the list plays. This is similar to Warmahordes and an aspect that I really like of the latter.

Old Review of the New Blood Angels Codex

So please take all of this with a grain of salt, these were my first impressions. Might write a follow-up some time later :)

Alright boys,

I got a long look at the Codex yesterday and have spent the day painting and thinking about the different strengths and weaknesses. In case you don't feel like reading the next 5000 words, I'll just say this: it is a powerful codex with most of the options of the 'Nilla codex and a cornucopia of other ones. These guys are fast and furious, but the downside is that they cost a lot of points and so you won't be fielding lists of many models if you want to start using all their toys. Aggressive players will love the options, and some other players will probably begin to wonder why they still bother. All I ask is that everyone takes my thoughts with a grain of salt because I haven't played with any of this!

Without further ado...

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Blog is Up and Running!

So I've decided to get a blog started to help give me an output for all the stuff I write about 40K, with an emphasis (like the header suggests) on Space Wolves and Grey Knights in (semi)-competitive play.  Firstly I'll be posting the old Codex guides I've written, and then I will go at it from there.

A few other upcoming ideas:
-Detail thought process for Game Summit and the list I'm bringing (maybe even some army pics?!)
-Write more thoughts with regards to the Grey Knights rumours
-Rants about the lizardmen conspiracy, fluoride, etc...
-Trying to write up a few deployment and general tactics guides because I'm douchey enough to assume I can teach those unfortunate enough to run into this blog

That's it for now, prepare for an influx of initial posts!